Program Information

What is Self-Direction?

Self-Directed services is an option available to participants under OPWDD’s array of services. This option of service is greatly rooted in the principle of person-centered planning and enables participants to exercise choice regarding the type of support and services they receive and who they receive them from. To succeed under the Self-Directed services option, participants are assisted by their circle of support which includes parents, advocates, brokers, MSC, and individuals chosen by the participant to create and maintain their plan.

Program contact info:

Halo Network is a Financial Intermediary (FI) for individuals who have chosen Self Directed Services. As the FI, Halo Network will work closely with the OPWDD liaison to approve the Self Direction Plan. Halo Network will also bill Medicaid and pay for the supports and the services that participant hired to help them achieve their goal. We will also serve as the Employer of Record. Halo Network will assist participants in the following ways:

  • Understand billing and documentation responsibilities.
  • Track and monitor individual budget expenditures and identify expenditures that are over or under the budget.
  • Perform payroll and employer-related duties such as (Payroll processing and funding, Employment contracts and paperwork, Maintaining Certificate of Insurance, I-9 and E-Verify, Unemployment insurance, Workers' Compensation, Background checks and drug screenings, Benefits administration, Employee terminations)
  • Staff Training and ensuring that service documentation and Medicaid billing are done in compliance with state and federal regulations.