About Us


We Are Halo Network

Halo Network is a unique kind of organization that steps out of the box of the normal realm of service delivery and reaches for the new and innovative. Halo Network's goals and values reflect the agency’s creative and energetic organizational attitude that is fueled by our determination to influence policies and practices that improve the quality of life for the individuals we serve.

We approach service delivery differently than most existing human service agencies. The differences lie in the vision of our executive team, organizational values, and principles that guide service delivery, the talent of the direct staff to implement value-driven services, and a long-term commitment to the individual and family. Further, the agency embraces a consumer-directed process that results in a true partnership between the person receiving services and the agency providing the service.

Halo Network promotes a continuum of service, which anticipates changes in life circumstances and intuitively offers support that correspond to these changes thereby, avoiding huge time lags, gaps in services that may be disadvantageous to the people we serve.

We at Halo Network envision a world where all people, including those with disabilities, are respected, valued and provided opportunity in the workplace and community. To achieve this vision, we empower individuals to take control of their destiny.