Housing Division

Program Information

Halo Network operates a nonprofit shelter assisting homeless families in crisis. 

Our shelters provide housing and supportive services for residents experiencing housing crisis. Halo Network, currently operate 4 shelters in Suffolk County; two family shelters and two couples shelters. The shelters are open all year long and is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Halo Network's program focuses on education and skills for future independence. We adopted the Family Development model of Case Management which focuses on Individual Self-Empowerment, Ongoing Assessment and Collaboration. Case Managers assist residents in achieving goals leading to self-sufficiency. The Case Manager assists residents with housing placement and retention through budgeting, self-advocacy, resource education intervention and prevention, life-skills training, home management, budgeting and educational/vocational training. Referrals are also given for counseling when needed. 

Additional services provided to the shelters include educational workshops for the residents on activities of daily living, parenting, employment, nutrition, etc.