Program Information


Service Coordination is a person-centered program provided by qualified personnel for individuals served. Our highly educated and experienced Service Coordinators assist participants in exploring and securing supports and services that best meet their needs and desires, while allowing consumers to live as independently and productively as possible. In addition, Service Coordinators assist in the development, implementation, and monitoring of the consumer’s Service Plan (SP).

The Service Coordinator works in partnership with the participant and acts as an "advocate" and a "service broker", guiding consumers in negotiating the complex health care and service system.

Service Coordinators also assist participants in improving their functional independence by identifying and accessing community resources (e.g., finances, home care, transportation, vocational, mental health and other community based services) that can meet their environmental, personal, or interpersonal needs.

At Halo, our Service Coordinators manage assessments, make referrals, provide information regarding benefits and entitlements, monitor and maintain most services/supports as they apply to the consumers.


Halo Network introduces a unique approach to Day Habilitation services that offer participants the opportunity to reach their fullest potential in an environment that is designed by them. Halo Network's program supports participants to cultivate valuable skills and gain real life experiences through volunteerism and participation in community-based activities. Halo Network's Day Program services are individualized and flexible, offering a wide range of volunteer opportunities in local neighborhoods. The participants involved learn fundamental skills such as self-awareness, communication, community safety, socialization, personal care, mobility, sensory integration, and employment readiness.

The NuPath program targets skill development and training opportunities through group and volunteer activities. Activities include:

  • Social Skills Development
  • Life Skills Training
  • Pre-Vocational Training
  • Multi-cultural experiences
  • Problem Solving skills activities
  • Travel Training
  • Money Management

SIGNATURE ACTIVITIES: The design and the philosophy of the program focuses on the interests and strengths of each participant. While providing the support they need to succeed. The services are offered in small groups to promote friendship and a buddy system. However, 1:1 time is available for an individualized experience. NuPath staff members provide support by teaching, assisting, and encouraging growth and development in the participant's community.

  • Media Slam: Learn technology and computer skills for everyday life.
  • Creative Art: Discover and develop hidden talents. i.e paints, ceramics, jewelry making and photography.
  • Group Sessions: Discuss topics like stress and anger management, conflict resolution, men group and ladies group relaxation techniques.
  • Organic Gardening: Install and maintain organic vegetable beds around the campus.
  • Medical Supervision: Medication administration as well as medical oversight and supervision provided by skilled Nursing Staff as needed.
  • Therapeutic Activities: Engaging in dynamic activities to improve functional performances and enhance fitness & well being.


Community Habilitation Services assists individuals to acquire, retain, or improve their self-help, socialization, and adaptive skills: including communication, travel and other areas of Instrumental Activities of Daily Living. Community Habilitation takes place in the person's private residence or community. Activities and environments are designed to foster the development of skills and appropriate behavior, greater independence, community inclusion, relationship building, self-advocacy and informed choice. 

Our experienced and dedicated specialists work with participants in achieving their desired outcomes. Valued outcomes include participants' dreams, goals and desires. These outcomes allow participants to become independent, participate in community activities, and develop new skills.


Halo Network offers vocational training that prepares participants for competitive employment in the community. Our trained staff members provide a continuum of services that permit participants to learn and progress at their own pace and comfort level. Consideration is given to physical and/or learning needs and accommodations are put in place to assist individuals in reaching their optimal independence and potential. Job coaches provide necessary cues, prompts, and feedback in order for participants to learn their job tasks to the best of their ability. Depending on ones' skill level, job coaching may need to be present 100% of the time or it may be gradually decreased over time 

The Supported Employment Program is a direct one-on-one service provided in a community job setting. The primary focus of this program is to teach people with disabilities how to maintain their job 

Prevocational Services provide participants the opportunity to participate in general training activities to build on their strengths and overcome barriers to employment. 

Pathway to Employment is a person-centered employment planning and support service that provides assistance for participants to obtain, maintain or advance in competitive employment or self-employment. 

Employment Training Program (ETP) offers participants an opportunity to work in an internship that will lead to permanent employment in a community business. 

Supported Employment (SEMP) provides the supports participants need to obtain and maintain paid competitive jobs in the community. 

Job Carving: (Signature Service) Halo Network provides job carving for participants, meeting the specific and often unique needs of each job seeker. Job carving is a way to modify or restructure existing jobs or bring together a combination of job tasks that fill the work needs of an employer while capitalizing on the skills and strengths of the participants. 

Our signature services include Job Carving, Job Exploration, and Job Development. These services allow participants to find and maintain competitive employment while preparing them for a future career.