Value Statements


What Makes Halo Network Different

Halo Network maintains a strong commitment to supporting people and helping them live richer lives in their own homes, establishing meaningful enduring relationships, and becoming active contributing members of their communities. We inspire and support people to self-direct personalized services and control who, what, when, where and how supports are provided.


To improve the quality of life of individuals and families in our community by providing a diverse network of services and resources that empowers them to achieve life-long success. Halo Network's goal is to recognize and respect diversity of cultures and varying levels abilities, while maintaining the highest standards of advocacy, education, and referral services for every individual.


We envision a future where Halo Network is a strong, community resource and partner whose effective core services reach across communities in New York State. This agency will vigorously advocate for change in policies that affects individuals with disabilities, families and communities, resulting in a positive change.